Thursday, 19 May 2016

Knowledge management in Healthcare for Interdepartmental Collaboration, SOP, Care pathways, & Workflow Management

Today I had a chance to see a demo of a knowledge management software relevant in other industries which intrigued me to how effectively this can be used in interdepartmental collaboration, standard operating procedures, establishing care pathways, workflow management, etc in the healthcare setting. In the coming days I will publish a more detailed blog on this topic on the effective use and its implications in quality of healthcare delivery.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Understanding the Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice

The need for transition in healthcare in GCC has increased the pressure on executive level to practice several methodologies to induce cost effectiveness, better clinical outcomes, and increased satisfaction levels of customers.

Outcomes are always linked with patient-centric delivery and the role and effective use of nursing is often underestimated in the private and public sector in GCC,

American Nurses Association has set out scopes and standards of nursing practice which when effectively utilized and practiced can lead to amazing results, both in terms of clinical outcomes as well as profitability, a perfect blend for private sector.

Please find below the link for the the second edition to that though the latest edition can be purchased from Amazon. Its worth reading !

Please share your ideas on the effective use of nursing services, which is not mentioned in this documents that can further enhance patient outcomes and profitability in healthcare.