Sunday, 23 May 2010

Your way into healthcare management


There have been a lot of queries recently to me from various parts of the world regarding the courses related to healthcare management and their prospects on fetching an executive job. The queries ranged from selecting the country to go for the post graduation to the potential employment opportunities after the course. So the following blogs will be dedicated to given a vague picture on the institutions offering the post graduate courses in healthcare management, the course content, the selection criteria, overall rating of the institution, and the job potential after the course from each of these institutions.

It is always better to decide your field of interest and work towards it from the very beginning. I am telling this because me myself having a graduate degree in physics and realising very late that healthcare and healthcare management is my field of interest, I found it extremely hard to find a post graduate course that gives me specialization in healthcare management. Though there was no shortage of educational institutions providing this course, many of them rejected my application simply because of my base degree is in Physics. Luckily my work experience after my graduation in the field of medical records helped me to fetch a seat in one the universities in UK.

Most of these educational institutions ask for a basic graduate qualification in a health-related subject. Otherwise one should have an experience of working in the healthcare sector for at least 2 years. It is always best to have a small academic break after your graduation and work in a hospital setting so that you have an experience in how the hospital works as it is a totally different entity from other organizations. These experiences will surely help in understanding the basics of management very quickly in the initial stages of your postgraduate course.

One should be very careful in selecting your institution for post graduate studies in healthcare management. It all depends upon your interest and your budget, although finance is not a problem as there are lots of scholarships available to fund for your studies. I will be giving you an overall picture on various institutions that offer a course in healthcare management in different countries and their relative benefits in the upcoming blogs.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

First Blogging Experience

Hello Friends,

This is my first blogging experience. I was thinking about having a blog site for quite a long time, but never had the courage to do so. My field of interest is hospital management and will try to make this blog spot a one-stop shop regarding information on hospital management.